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Why SLS?

Generate 30
Illustrator team
versions in 3 minutes
with zero typos.

What is SLS?

SLS (Sports Licensing Suite) is a set of plugins for Adobe Illustrator designed specifically to automate the creation of sports licensing graphics.

Who needs SLS?

Companys that design sports-licensed products that display team logos, text and color should be using SLS.

What are the benefits?

1. Speed With SLS you can take a design and create 30 team versions in under 5 minutes instead of hours or days.

2. Accuracy SLS eliminates typos by using a single data source for all your designs.

SLS and Custom Development Clients


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Setup Process

Integrate data

Once your data is entered, logosheets are complete and plugins installed, you can use SLS to integrate them.

This can take a few minutes to do, but has to be one once. After that, teams logosheets only have to be reintegrated when logos are updated.

Get rolling!

Open a design, add team-veriables, and create team versions in minutes instead of hours.